Business Websites, Better, Quicker and Cheaper

A website for your business can be built quickly.

And since time = money, you can see why this would be cheaper.

But how does that get you a better website?

skills and aptitudes

Why?  Because time really IS money.

But if a designer spends all that time going to and fro with designs and asking for this and that, and there’s a delay at every little stage, the designer loses track of what you were looking for.  That causes delays, misunderstandings… and frustration.

Designers know this, so they build it into their price.

So the number one skill in building business websites is LISTENING.  We don’t assume we know what you want, we listen.  We will have ideas, but above all we listen.  You may think low-cost websites mean templates and low quality.  That is nowhere near true.

And when we’ve listened and understood, we get on and build it.  We keep the focus on your work.  No losing the thread, no forgetting what you were looking for.

Roswewood screenshot

This site with tailor-made design, contact forms and dynamic maps was done in one day.

Because we listen, because we make the effort, and because we make sure we “get it”, a website can be done better, quicker and cheaper.

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