Vibe Mobile Apps: The Low-Cost Mobile App Developer for Birmingham, Solihull, Warwickshire and Solihull

Vibe Mobile Apps and Web is a Professional Mobile App Developer bringing Low Cost Apps to Birmingham, Solihull, Warwickshire and Worcestershire.  Vibe Mobile Apps has done much of its work larger agencies,  and it has not had a high profile until now.  In fact, we have over 200 apps under our belt, fully signed off by the quality control teams at Apple and Android.Low Cost Mobile App Developer

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The Affordable Mobile App Developer

Apps can be expensive – but because our team has done so many, they have “seen it all before” when it comes to the programming.  This makes the development process smooth and makes our costs very competitive.  Once the spec is finalised, we stick to that price – unless there are new features or changes.  Simple apps can be £750, but more complex bespoke development can be £4000 – £12000 for each of Apple and Android.

£750 or £12,000?? What can You REALISTICALLY Expect to be Quoted?

Apps can be expensive – but they don’t have to be.

A mobile app developer can program everything form the ground up writing all new code.  It’s time consuming and expensive, but sometimes that’s how it has to be.  However, most functions in an app have been done before, and the technology can be made modular and re-used.

This is why an entirely new idea which has to be thought-through and built from scratch will cost much, much more.  Whereas an app made up of common functions and features can be much less expensive.

For example – a fully functioning restaurant app which will handle vouchers and special offers, hold a variety of menus, allow table booking, broadcast push notifications to your cusomers and give full Google directions within the app – all that can be done for £1000 – £2000 as a bespoke project (for that you get BOTH Apple and Android), complete with a web-based backend that you can edit.

Common low-cost apps are:

  • restaurants
  • hair and beauty
  • takeaway
  • retail shops
  • pubs
  • hotels
  • sports clubs

These apps can be done with your own bespoke colour scheme and design for £750-£2000, depending on how many modules you use.

By contrast, if you have an original idea which is totally new, that may involve much more work, probably £4000 – £12000 for EACH of the Apple and Android apps.

Unique App Design

Design is key for our clients, and for the mobile app developer.   The team at Vibe can either work with your logos and design work, or design for for you.  The app will be yours and yours alone – and that applies to the standard functionality, lower priced work.

 Fully Signed Off

It’s one thing for the mobile app developer to program an app.  It’s quite another to get the app approved to the stringent standards of the  Apple and Android App Stores.  Apple in particular are notoriously fussy.  We have over 250 apps signed off.  Experience counts.  Apple in particular can be extremely picky.

Vibe Mobile Apps do not outsource

Most creative agencies, and in fact most web design firms will outsource the creation of apps.  That adds layers of costs, but worse, it makes you very remote from the process of creation.  We are a professional mobile app developer.  It’s important that the people doing the work should “get” what you are trying to do, and there is much more chance of that happening of we are close at hand.

Making the process straightforward

Designing an app may seem complex and technical, but we will guide you through it easily, starting with a thorough understanding of what you wat to achieve and how you want the app to work, we will build a spec together and work to that.

Even if you don’t know what your app design should be like, we will offer our own input in order to create one which is exactly what you’re looking for.  We will offer as much or as little input as you want – after all this is YOUR product.

To get started, ring Martin Tomlinson on 0121 2931411, or email

Bespoke Programming App Examples

Gym Tracker is a simple app which  lets you track your workout sessions. Create a routine by choosing from a list, track your progress and watch your stamina and strength improve

Yadda Yadda caters to the endless fascination people have with taking photos and making them look hilarious.  Take a photo then animate it so that your victim laughs hilariously or comes out with one of their catchphrases which you have recorded.  Create a short animation you can share on Facebook, Twitter and more.


Apple iTunes version here.

Relay Connect

Relay Connect is a mobile workforce application built for use in the UK Telecomms sector. It contains a forced workflow process that drives performance and compliance in a managed, online environment. Track operatives and jobs in real time for safety, quality and optimal deployment. Evidence and archive workforce practices, manage the supply of orders to site, implement tri stage evaluation and approvals and receive accurate reporting all in one user friendly environment.  Provides the following features:

1 Job Tracking
2 Employee Tracking
3 Material Tracking
4 Location Tracking(Employee and job location


Automated Quotation, Calculation and Ordering Tool

ABS Ltd specialise in the bending and curving of all types of aluminium extrusions for Construction, Architectural, Commercial Vehicles, Exhibition manufactures, Aluminium window fabricators and Office furniture manufactures. ABS Ltd manages a huge range of customers, big and small using this easy-to-use app which can be used on site to provide instant calculations, estimates and quotes.

Vibe Mobile Apps Portfolio (PDF)

Other recent examples on the iTunes App Store:

Matchfit Skills sports training manager – This App allows you to register onto, track progress, and interact with the Matchfit Skills competitions taking place across the Yorkshire and Humber region.

Siemens Environmental Impact Calculator

HP – Enterprise Printers (Google Android)

Dream Moods

Mid-Century Architecture Interactive Tours


PiPoPri – loyalty scheme run by a network of local traders

The JAMA Network Challenge :- Diagnostic Knowledge Tester built for the American Medical Association

i-Vision Android App – Help opticians choose the right lens for customers.  Tablet based

City Guide

Wing Zone : A fun way to order takeaway food.  Original design and branding, and an app which works across all the franchoses.

To get started, ring Martin Tomlinson on 0121 2931411, or email