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It’s all about the power of focus.  If you can bring your whole focus onto something in a “massive action day”, you can achieve a huge amount.  You can get a website fast, you can do it cheaper, and you can focus on what you want o achieve.

Besides saving time and money, the Website-in-a-Day method has other advantages:

  • You get a much bigger say at all stages of creation

  • Focus is retained.  There is no to-ing and fro-ing with the designer and waiting for feedback.

  • You come away already trained in how to use the Content Management System

  • You get your website fast

Here’s Julie from Rosewood Agency:

“Judging by the other quotes I’ve had, I know I have saved thousands.  I was quoted five grand for this work, but using this One-Day-Website method, it’s been done for well under a thousand all-in, saved me a load of time and got my business earning money quicker than I’d dared hope for.”

If you’re not inclined to spend a day alonside your web developer and telling them exactoly how you want it, that’s also fine.  The process will take a little longer – but it shouldn’t take an age.  However, do remember that the images and text for the website should come from you – or at the very least you should have a clear idea of what you want.

Professional web developers and designers care about the business they are working for.  They want the site to achieve what you want to achieve.  That’s why working alongside them can work so well.


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