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More information is packed into the concise and highly informative book, The Attention Business, by Martin Tomlinson.

Four Steps to Success with Organic Search Optimization and Marketing

This 42 page guide gives you step by step guidance, sometimes in close technical detail, of what you need to do to make sure your site is:

  • Scanned regularly by Google
  • Given a great index entry on the search engine
  • Ranked as well as possible in the PageRank system
  • Shown on the Google search results in a way that entices visitors to click through

The Public Relations and Press Coverage Plan for Profit

A nine page guide on the power of free press coverage, online and offline.

  • How PR can bring in thousands, very quickly
  • Four essentials when presenting yourself to the press
  • What to put in a great press release
  • 10 winning ideas for press releases and coverage
  • What the journalist will do, and what you must do

How to Write Powerful Marketing Emails

20 page guide on the principles and practice of writing emails that work

  • Essential tools
  • Dos and don’ts
  • Tips and techniques
  • Technical details

Secrets of Long-Tail Search Engine Marketing

A 7 page guide on why long-tail search marketing is so effective for both paid (Adwords) search marketing, and organic search marketing.

  • Gain access to the forgotten hordes of Internet searchers
  • Address their problem directly
  • Increase traffic and increase your conversion rates at the same time

The Best Keyword Research Tools

A 4 page review of the best keyword research tools and what each is good for.  We all know that all your social media and content MUST be underpinned by quantitative work on what customers search for.  These tools are the perfect way to do that.

Small Business Marketing Plan Template

A 14 page page plan available for you to download.  Having a plan will cut costs, save time, focus your efforts on making money and create accountability.  Above all it will make sure that the marketing gets done.

Includes planning for offline activity as well as digital marketing.


The Best Social Media Automation Tools

7 pages of unbiased, detailed, practical reviews.  You’d be mad not to automate as much as you can of the social media “grunt work”.  You need to leave yourself free to create content, add value and network, and let the machines do the heavy lifting of getting your stuff as widely distributed as possible.  Automation tools are a key way of reducing overwhelm and executing an effective plan.

Social Media Market Strategy Plan Template

A nine page, nine step template plan you can run off and use straight away.  Includes detailed explanations and suggestions.  Everyone knows that having a plan is a good idea, but it’s hard to dream one up from scratch.

  • Where to start
  • How to make it as easy as you can
  • Great ideas for posts and content creation
  • Which parts of the plan you can skip, and which are essential
  • Plan to maximise traffic and awareness for the least effort

Build Authority and get Recognised as an Expert Online

A 5 page guide to establishing your credentials as an expert online.  Practical steps on how to be seen as an authority in your industry, followed by 5 things you can do to show your expertise.

Expertise and authority are critical to online branding and getting your message listened to.

Effective Branding for Digital Marketers

A 7 page guide on how to define and establish a brand online

  • Why even small businesses need a brand online
  • Multiple checklists and step-by-step how-tos of how define and create your brand
  • How to maintain consistency
  • How to target correctly
  • What is branding on digital platform

Ten Ways to Increase Sales This Month with Social Media Marketing

9 pages.  A hard-hitting report on steps you can take right now to beat your month’s targets.

So much of digital marketing is medium- to long-term.  These are techniques that you can use right now to boost traffic, leads and sales.

To Outsource (5 Reasons), or Not To Outsource (4 Reasons)

5 page hard-hitting report about whether or not to outsource your social medai marketing work.  It sounds like it’s sitting on  the fence, but this approach leads to firm conclusions on what you can outsource, and what you never should outsource.

  • Five reasons not to do digital marketing yourself
  • Four reasons to be wary of outsourcing

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