Roswewood screenshot

Rosewood Agency is a staffing agency serving the hospitality and catering businesses with offices in the Yorkshire and East Midlands regions.  Owner Julie wanted to set get the business running quickly, and on the back of just one work-in “massive action day”, Julie is the proud owner of a stunning website which looks great on phone screens as well as desktops and tablets.

The site includes the latest parallax display technology, and has the facility for clients to submit contact forms.  There is also an application page where candidates seeeking work can give details and upload their CVs.

“I was able to get things how I wanted them and have an input as the site was put together.  It’s crucial to strike the right tone on the site, as it’s often the first thing a client sees.  This way of getting things moving was much quicker and cheaper and I got what I wanted.  In addition, judging by the other quotes I’ve had, I know I have saved thousands.  I was quoted five grand for this work, but using this One-Day-Website method, it’s been done for well under a thousand all-in.  Martin saved me a load of time and got my business earning money quicker than I’d dared hope.”

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