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We are all about listening and innovating.  We provide a diverse range of outputs, chiefly:

  • Rapid-build business websites built on innovative platforms and designed for visual impact and easy management.  These start from £699!

  • Complex websites and web applications;

  • All with the peace of mind of fixed-cost quotes.

We are only able to offer these services because of our particular skillset and long experience in web technology and digital projects.  The website-in-a-day concept is only possible because of our skills in business analysis and usability.

Key skills include:

  • Business analysis.  If you don’t have a clear vision of what a company is doing then you can’t get their website right for them.  Commonly, neither web developers nor their sales people have experience in general business, and they don’t spend enough time listening to what makes your company tick.

  • Breadth of technologies and platforms.  “If your only tool is a hammer, everything looks like a nail.”  Too many developers try to twist your web project to their pet technology platform.  They discourage you from doing what you want, and encourage you to do it their way.  We don’t do that.

  • Project management.  Poor planning and “mission creep” create so many problems in web application projects.  Creating a clear idea at the outset of what is essential, and keeping a clear focus on the business imperatives is critical to success.

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