“The Worktaster concept is a joy to work with, it’s as simple as that,” says Team Principal, Martin Tomlinson.  “It’s a complex project encompassing usability consultancy, a complex web application, lengthy user consulation in schools, original design work, funding applications and project management.”

Worktaster skills and aptitudes
Some Worktaster Original Design Work

Worktaster is a business set up to help school students find work experience and improve their employability skills.  It is a huge online project, encompassing a matching service for students and employers and an extension management dashboard to help hard-pressed teachers organise everything.

“Together with the Worktaster team,” says Martin, “I’ve spent many days in schools and talking to employers about these issues.  We’ve done a huge amount of work on usability for teenagers and engagement of that 14-18 year-old group.  I’ve even been involved in generating grant funding applications with them.  Everything is coming together, and shortly we’ll be seeing the fruits of this labour in the fully developed site.”

Worktaster busy jobs


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